Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome Back to School! Hope your vacation was fabulous!

Dear Students,
I hope you have had plenty of time to rest your mind during Christmas break. I have been sledding, watching ESPN/movies/TV and reading a very good book. I am excited about seeing your faces again.
We have plenty of reading and writing to do before we finish this school year. I have traveled to central Kentucky to watch my son play basketball. I visited a cool dairy farm while I was there as well. I also traveled to two college campuses: Lindsey Wilson and Campbellsville University. My husband and I hiked one very cold winter day to Green River Lake.
At home, I have been playing games with my family. One of the games I especially like is Catch Phrase. Many of you have played this game. I am going to try and modify this game so we play it in class. Scrabble is another one of my favorites...using the dictionary and laptop seems to slow this game down at my house. We have to time some members of my family because they take FOREVER!
I have enjoyed walking around Vastwood Park. Today, I was walking along and was greeted by a dog that had two different colored eyes! At first, I was startled but after the dog did not growl...I realized that it was simply a playful pup.
See you soon at school!

Mrs. Basham

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